How Vetting Works on Gigaverse

Gigaverse members may earn credentials associated with some of the courses we provide. These credentials indicate an individual's trustworthiness and skill with regard to a particular online pursuit.

Internet Literacy 101 / Digital Native credentialsCredentials may be earned:

  1. Using Gigaverse's peer review system
  2. Using Gigaverse's expedited vetting service

Through Gigaverse's entirely free peer review system, credentials are earned through accomplishments, endorsements earned, and endorsements given. Should you opt for Gigaverse's expedited vetting process, a single Gigaverse admin will vet you for a particular set of credentials, however this special attention comes with a fee.

We recommend using our peer review system to earn credentials, and not just because it's free (though we like that part). Undergoing our peer review process puts you in the position of an evaluator, as you must carefully review others' work for grammar proficiency, adherence to Gigaverse's standards, and course-specific skill sets. As you vet other online professionals, you can become a better online professional yourself.

How Gigaverse's Peer Review System Works

Gigaverse's peer review system is a great means by which you can sharpen your skills and earn free credentials, but it requires significant legwork and interaction with fellow community members.

The system runs on:

  • Accomplishments: Tasks you achieve independently, such as course completion and the successful submission of six endorsements vouching for fellow members' skills, behavior, and/or proficiency
  • Endorsements: Accolades that are contingent on others' nominations, vouching for your adherence to Gigaverse standards, grammar proficiency, and course-specific skills

The checklist of requirements accompanying a typical set of credentials looks something like this:

  • Pass the course associated with the given set of credentials
  • Have two members endorse you for adhering to Gigaverse's standards for ethical conduct, copyright, sourcing, citation, and verification
  • Have two members endorse your grammar proficiency
  • Have two members endorse your skills related to the credentials in question (to do so, members must review your work and test you via an email exchange)
  • Successfully submit six endorsements of other members' adherence to standards, grammar proficiency, and/or course-related skills (i.e. submit six nominations for endorsements that are ultimately approved by Gigaverse admins)

Before you can endorse other members, you must have completed your Gigaverse profile, submitted it for approval by admins, and received your Complete Profile accomplishment. You may not endorse yourself.

To review the specific requirements associated with a particular set of credentials, visit our credentials page, review a course's vetting standards lesson (typically the second lesson), or review our expedited vetting services.

How Gigaverse's Expedited Vetting Service Works

Should you decide to utilize Gigaverse's expedited vetting services:

  1. You would first check to make sure that you meet the vetting requirements associated with the credentials for which you would like to be reviewed
  2. You would then purchase expedited vetting for those credentials
  3. A Gigaverse admin would kick off the vetting process by reviewing your work to ensure it meets basic requirements
  4. A Gigaverse admin would then contact you regarding the email exchange portion of your vetting process (which typically involves answering questions to demonstrate mastery of some credential-related skills)
  5. Should you pass the vetting process, your credentials will be issued

Gigaverse members who undergo expedited vetting are expected to adhere to the same standards as those who take the peer-reviewed vetting track. Should you pay for expedited vetting but not meet every requirement associated with the credentials for which you applied, you will not earn those credentials. Expedited vetting is nonrefundable, as we do not want to have a monetary incentive to give credentials to those who are not qualified. That said, Gigaverse members who do not pass the expedited vetting process can still earn credentials (either by purchasing expedited vetting again, or by using our peer review system) once they meet all the required criteria.

It is entirely normal for a Gigaverse member to utilize peer-reviewed vetting for some credentials and expedited vetting for others. The process that will work best for you at any given time depends entirely on your budget, free time, and willingness to wait.

For more information on our vetting process, visit our FAQ.