What Are Credentials?

Gigaverse Credentials Defined

Credentials are our form of accreditation. Universities and high schools give diplomas. Many training programs issue certificates. We issue credentials.

Our credentials are of use to those who are using Gigaverse either to find work or find someone qualified to hire or work with. They demonstrate four things:

  • That the credential holder has passed a relevant course on an online career
  • That the credential holder has demonstrated concrete skills related to that career
  • That the credential holder adheres to our standards for ethical conductcopyrightsourcing, citation, and verification
  • That the credential holder represents a genuine digital identity (that is, a real person, though he or she may be anonymous)

Credentials Offered by Gigaverse

Each course we provide on an internet-facilitated career is paired with a set of credentials. The requirements to earn a set of credentials vary from career to career and are based on interviews with professionals and employers in the field, as well as common requirements presented in job listings.

The credentials we presently offer are:

Internet Literacy 101 / Digital Native credentials

  1. Digital Native
  2. Blogger
  3. Online Author
  4. Social Media and Community Manager
  5. Freelance Writer
  6. Online Entertainer
  7. Online Artist and Designer
  8. Online Journalist
  9. Online Merchant
  10. Online Professional

You can view our credentials in greater detail below.

How Credentials are Earned

The technical mechanisms through which credentials are earned on Gigaverse are endorsements and accomplishments.

You can earn accomplishments independently. You must earn endorsements from other people.

Endorsements enable us to have a peer-review-based vetting process. Though you have the option to purchase vetting from an admin and quickly earn credentials (if you meet their requirements), we encourage you to spend your money on something a bit more fun and utilize our community-based system instead by endorsing fellow Gigaverse members and being endorsed by others.

Without successfully endorsing six other people (that is, submitting a valid nomination for endorsement that an admin approves), you cannot earn credentials through our peer review vetting system. This requirement exists to encourage people to endorse fellow Gigaverse members (which in turn boosts the odds that they themselves will be endorsed).

To endorse a member of Gigaverse, select the skill for which he or she should be endorsed, select his or her name, include your justification for endorsing the individual, and submit your nomination.