An Interview with 4 itchy Tasty! Cosplay

4 itchy Tasty! Cosplay is a cosplay group based in Southern California.

Roughly speaking, how many members does 4iT have?

There are officially 10 members of 4iT! But we usually have other friends who want to come and help out, which is awesome!

Are there many other cosplay groups similar to 4iT, or do most cosplayers go solo?

I would say majority of cosplayers go solo. We have met other cosplay groups such as ours, but none compare in size.

Has your group ever been invited by companies or event organizers to make appearances?

We have been invited to be at events and video by various companies. Unfortunately most of these include a Non-disclosure Agreement.

Has 4iT ever been approached by sponsors or been offered payment for an appearance?

A few approaches via our Facebook page have resulted in our getting paid to be in costume. Again NDAs.

Do any of 4iTs members make an income from their cosplaying activities- for example, by selling costumes or prints, making sponsored appearances, etc.? 

We are mostly in it for the amazing time we have together and the fun of being the characters. Brett Horn is usually the one approached and paid as most of the costumes are owned, designed, and built by him.

How do you decide which events to attend, and do you arrive with any particular goals in mind (e.g. to drive people to your Facebook page, get picked up by sponsors, get new members, etc.)?

We simply go to conventions and events that are close by and convenient in Southern California. It would be very hard to get our Kog'maw past customs on a plane! We may be venturing to father conventions in the future.

Do you think the world of cosplay has changed or evolved at all over the past five to ten years? If it has, how so?

The world of cosplay has become much more of a community. Five years ago a cosplayer was someone you merely admired and took a picture with at a convention. Now it is much more of a network and a way to connect with people. These connections are more recently made in the form of collaboration projects between cosplayers, tutorials, and social media. None of which existed in the past.