Digital Native

Internet Literacy 101 / Digital Native credentials

Gigaverse members with Digital Native credentials have demonstrated basic familiarity with online tools, platforms, etiquette, and culture.

Requirements to Earn Digital Native Credentials

To pass Internet Literacy 101, you must complete each lesson’s quiz with a score of 80% or above.

A complete Gigaverse profile must present:

  • A non-pixelated profile photo
  • A bio free of significant grammatical errors that succinctly explains who you are (and specifically, what distinguishes you from other digital identities)
  • At least two links to complete expressions of your digital identity online
  • At least three portfolio pieces that (1) you created, (2) do not violate another’s copyright, and (3) link back to external any sources referenced (or provide citations)

A “complete” expression of your digital identity online qualifies as a site or profile that:

  • Is not missing essential elements such as a baseline amount of content, a bio, or a profile photo
  • Features profile photos that showcase the same image (or are different images of the same subject) presented on your Gigaverse profile, which make it clear that a single, cohesive identity ties all profiles together

Once your profile is complete, submit its URL through our profile completion page for admin review.

2 Required Steps