Gigaverse’s credentials enable clients, employers, and partners to set clear expectations regarding your work and professional conduct.  Companies and individuals draw from our base of credentialed members when looking for trustworthy employees and partners.

In addition to being showcased on Gigaverse profiles, credentials can be displayed elsewhere online using Credly and Mozilla’s Open Badge infrastructure, both of which are secure and easy to use.

You may earn Gigaverse credentials independently (and for free) by utilizing our peer review-based vetting process. Should you prefer to undergo an expedited vetting process, you may also pay to be reviewed by Gigaverse admins.

Requirements to Earn Blogger Credentials

To pass Gigaverse’s Blogging course, you must complete each lesson’s quiz with a score above 80%.

A complete Gigaverse profile must present:

  • A non-pixelated profile photo
  • A bio free of significant grammatical errors that succinctly explains who you are (and specifically, what distinguishes you from other digital identities)
  • At least two links to complete expressions of your digital identity online
  • At least three portfolio pieces that (1) you created, (2) do not violate another’s copyright, and (3) link back to external any sources referenced (or provide citations)

For a Gigaverse member to meet our community-wide standards:

You will be expected to demonstrate your blogging skills by:

  • Responding to emails within 36 hours
  • Responding to an email asking you to explain your overall goal as a blogger, your target audience, and the tactics you are presently using to promote your work and build readership
  • Showcasing, though your Gigaverse profile, a blog or collection of online articles or writing that contains more than 50 unique posts authored by you (or on which you have published at least two posts every month for the past six months)
  • Presenting at least one piece of search-friendly content in your Gigaverse portfolio
  • Linking to at least three active social media profiles from your Gigaverse profile

You must be a heavy contributor, editor, or owner of any blog you present through your Gigaverse profile. For more information on content that is considered to be search friendly, visit our guide and checklist. Social media profiles you share must have profile photos and complete bios, be over two months old, not appear empty, and contain content that has been posted within 30 days.

5 Required Steps