Is Twitter Worth Your Time?

Twitter can be an excellent resource- or a horrendous waste of time. It all comes down to your personal goals and how you decide to use the social network.

TwitterJoin Twitter if your goals are to:

  1. Develop a network
  2. Follow real-time dialogue about a specific issue
  3. Weigh in on real-time dialogue about a specific issue
  4. Actively engage with friends and colleagues on the network

Do not join Twitter if your goals are only to:

  1. Promote your content
  2. Develop an instant following
  3. Do what everyone else is doing
  4. Have a Twitter account to link to from your blog

The Bottom Line

Success on Twitter is contingent on one's willingness to actively monitor, and in most cases, genuinely engage with other people on the site. Don't think of Twitter is a link posting social network; think of it as a delayed chat service.
Twitter is amazing in that it can enable you to be a fly thousands of different walls all across the world, listening in to conversations about things that truly interest you. Twitter can give you a means of reaching out to and learning from people who are otherwise utterly inaccessible.
Learning how to access the information you need and figuring out how to engage with the people who matter to you will take time and effort, but so long as you know what you want and are willing to invest real effort into getting it, you will most certainly be rewarded for your work!