The Lesser-Known Value of Rude Comments Online

Why do people complain so much about rude comments? Aside from being an inevitable aspect of online life, harsh online responses are often entertaining and enlightening. Nevertheless, a fear of being negatively-received stops countless people from publishing content altogether.

We need to stop fearing negative rude comments and start celebrating them. Rude and critical comments rock. Here's why:

They help you develop a thick skin

You won't be able to build up a resistance to tough criticism and outright attacks without taking a couple (ok, a LOT) of hits. Rude comments, which are typically innocuous (they only hurt you as much as you decide to let them hurt you), act as a splendid booster shot that can leave you prepared for bigger attacks that might otherwise cause a lot of mental anguish.

They help you see yourself and your work from a very different perspective

It is all to easy for us to get sucked into our own narrow and obscure worlds and social groups. Sometimes mean and overly-critical comments can snap us out of these esoteric dazes by helping us see that not everyone is on board with our views.

They help you realize you can't please everyone

I know more than a few people who earnestly want everyone to like them. That simply isn't possible. We can't make everyone happy, and rude comments can train us to be OK with that.

Also, some people are just trolls- out there to intentionally rile you up. That's fine! The sooner you acknowledge that inevitable truth, the sooner you can go about your online business in a functional, non-emotional manner.

They force you to stand behind your values

Many negative comments are prompted by others' disagreements with your personal philosophy and opinions. Though the gut response of many is to simply shut those comments down, it is often worthwhile to actively consider the arguments your opponents are making and defend your views by sharing some counter points (be they public or just in your head).

By holding yourself accountable for your views and being willing to defend them, you can gain more online respect (not to mention self-confidence). You would not be able to defend these views if nobody attacked them, so ultimately, this brand of criticism plays a crucial role in your personal development.

They challenge you to do better

Finally, as surprising as this may sound, rude comments can inspire you to improve your work. Trolls and generally harsh people online are excellent at finding and pointing out weaknesses, and though it can be painful when those weaknesses are identified, flaunted, and used to mock you as a person, it is ultimately favorable that you know about them.

Should you choose, you might even address the issues mean commenters point out (e.g. "horrible spelling" or "atrocious production and sound quality") and become a better content creator as a result.