How to Publish Books through Publerati

What is Publerati?

Publerati is a fiction-only hybrid ebook publisher and literary agency employing a socially-responsible business model. We sign our authors to an agreement that allows us to publish the work at hand in all ebook formats and then to place the work with a full-service publisher, same as what a traditional literary agency does, when and if that makes sense and is possible. We charge nothing upfront for any of our services, which include editorial, cover design, distribution, and money collection. We keep 20% of an ebook sale and 15% of any agency deals.

How Are We Different?

Unlike most publishers, who frequently want to know what other work your novel is like, we only want to publish fiction that is unlike everything else. The point being that if it has been done well already, there is no need to write the same book over and over again.

We also believe that art should come before money when evaluating subjective works of fiction. Occasionally if the art is original enough, the money will follow.

Who is the Worldreader Organization?

When Publerati was founded by Caleb Mason, he wanted to build a new brand with a social purpose. He entered into a relationship with the Worldreader Organization agreeing to donate all Publerati titles to this organization, plus no less than 5% of any net proceeds the company derives from sales. The Worldreader Organization is using e-readers and ebooks to help spread literacy in developing nations. Mason is on record saying he hopes to donate far more than this if possible.

What Else Makes Publerati Different? 

We believe books have gotten far too expensive. A paperback that costs $16 and is only 128 pages seems illogical when that same amount of money buys two tickets to a movie. We price all our ebooks at $4.99 to help encourage impulse readership. All our ebooks are thoroughly edited and copyedited prior to release.

We are HIGHLY SELECTIVE and will only publish books we feel are outstanding. If none comes our way, we will stick with the ones we have now.

We will not publish a book and then abandon it within three months. We believe building an audience for a book takes time and persistence.

Kobo Store

Caleb Mason has worked in bookstores and the publishing industry but really earned his “chops” working in the photo industry when it first went digital and later in software publishing and consumer electronics. These industries are much larger than the book publishing industry and as such the effects of the digital revolutions in each require all involved to become drivers of change as opposed to those disrupted by change.

These experiences led Caleb to believe in the importance of creating a brand with a purpose and also a visual identity. When you look at the Publerati lineup of books, you will notice each book cover is created within a visual brand framework. And that framework relates to the overall brand. To the right are some titles on the Kobo store.

Why Does Brand Matter?

A brand only matters if it serves a unique purpose and delivers consistently on a promise that matters to the customers, which Publerati does. Publerati only publishes excellent original fiction. Publerati donates a portion of every sale to help spread literacy. And Publerati believes a collective of excellent fiction with a purpose has a better chance of succeeding than individual titles out in the big world on their own.

What Do the Covers Look Like?

Here are three we like very much:

Book Covers

What Books on Writing Do You Recommend?

Our favorites are:

  • 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel by Jane Smiley
  • Writers on Writing Series (all volumes)
  • The Art of Fiction by John Gardner
  • On Becoming a Novelist by John Gardner
  • Elements of Style by Strunk & White

How to Submit Manuscripts to Publerati

We only accept fiction, either novels or short story collections. You can find our submissions requirements on our site.

What is Publerati's Reputation?

Publerati belongs to the American Association of Publishers and the Council for Literary Magazines and Publishers. We invite you to review articles written in the book trade about Publerati and also find testimonials from current authors. 

How Do I Learn More?

We suggest you read some or all of our ebooks to get a good sense of what we like. Also, read our blog for thoughts on the changing landscape within the book publishing world.