When and How to Use Muck Rack: Tips from Gregory Galant

Because Muck Rack is an important platform for journalists, we asked its creator, Gregory Galant, for  additional tips on making the most of it- not only as a journalist, but as an online entertainer, blogger, author, professional, or merchant looking to catch journalists' attention.

What would you say to an aspiring  journalist who is interested in Muck Rack, but hesitant to build yet another profile on yet another site?

No one wakes up in the morning wishing they had another social media profile, but that's not what Muck Rack's about. Muck Rack gives you two things no social network can offer: A portfolio to showcase your best work and a community of journalists to share it with. For everything else, we connect to your other social media profiles.

What are some of Muck Rack's most useful, but often-underutilized features?

Our new tool WhoSharedMyLink.com allows anyone to look up how many people have linked to an article on social media. Even better, if you add the article to your Muck Rack portfolio it will show the link count there too.

Who Shared My Link

What are your methods for making the most of Muck Rack while still minimizing all internet-related distractions and time not spent producing concrete work?

Turn off notifications on your phone, close your Twitter client, and then just rely on the Muck Rack Daily to tell you what tweets from journalists you missed.

What is one of the most common ways people improperly use Muck Rack?

Muck Rack's search is very powerful and lets you run very specific search terms. A lot of people use too general search queries -- it's best to experiment with very focused terms.

What sorts of non-journalist professionals should maintain Muck Rack accounts?

Anyone can use Muck Rack to maintain a portfolio of their work and see what journalists are saying about the news. Just go to MuckRack.com and sign up for a free account.

When would you say it is worth getting a Muck Rack Pro account? When is it not appropriate to get the upgrade?

It's worth going Pro if you want to find journalists to pitch on a story you're involved with. It's not worth it if you're only looking to get covered in a publication you already work with, but if you want to go big with your PR impact then Muck Rack Pro can deliver a lot of value.