Free Online Writing Courses and Books for Authors

The following list of free online writing courses has been adapted from a list shared on reddit's /r/writing subreddit. We removed out-of-date and nonfunctional courses and books and added some new ones.

Should you know of additional free books and courses worth featuring in this list, drop us a line; we make an effort to keep it up to date.

Writing Courses from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Writing Courses from Utah State University

Writing Courses from Open University

A Writing Course from the University of Massachusetts, Boston

Purdue University

Steven Barnes' UCLA Writing Course

Courses from University of Pennsylvania

Free Courses from Poynter's News University

Courses from E-Zine University

Guides and Lessons from Wikiversity

Free Writing Courses from Coursera

While Coursera courses are meant to be taken live, we recommend checking up with their site to see what writing-related courses are coming soon.

Cree Courses on Udemy

Miscellaneous Online Courses

Books Available via

Audiobooks Available via Librivox

Books Available via Project Gutenberg