How to File a DMCA Complaint with Bing

When to File a DMCA Complaint with Bing

It is advisable to file a DMCA complaint with Bing when your work has been copied and posted elsewhere online and:

  1. Attempts to contact the individual who posted your content directly have failed or have not resulted in removal (or proper attribution) of the stolen content, OR
  2. You are losing traffic to your original work due to the stolen work ranking higher in Bing’s search results for certain keywords.

How to File a DMCA Complaint with Bing

To file a DMCA Complaint with Bing, visit their Notices of Infringement page and select the online form for submitting an infringement notice for algorithmic search results.

Be prepared to enter:

  • Your name, email, and country
  • The title of your copyrighted work
  • The type of work (whether it is a video, image, audio file, or something else entirely)
  • The location of the work (specifically, its URL)
  • The location at which the infringing material can be found (again, the URL)
  • Any additional information that can help Bing’s team identify the work and verify that the stolen work is an infringement of your intellectual property rights (e.g. where the copyrighted work can be found on the page, proof of your original work’s earlier publication date, etc.)

You will also need to check a box indicating that you acknowledge required statements that are incorporated into DMCA complaints:

  • That you have it on good faith that the infringing material is not authorized by the IP owner
  • That you are not lying
  • That you may be subject to liability or damages if you are lying or misrepresenting the material on which you are reporting

Before submitting your complaint, you must enter an online signature. That’s it!