Insights from Etsy’s Top Seller of Handmade Children’s Items

Emily Lopez's Etsy shop (PurplePossom) is the top seller of handmade children's items on Etsy. In the interview below, Emily explains what has contributed to her success, how she prices her products, and how she contends with copied designs and the demands of running a thriving online store while also raising three young children.

You sell quite the niche product- monthly baby stickers. Were they a 'thing' before you started creating them? What inspired you to start selling these stickers to others?

I know there was one lady selling them when I started, but she had very basic designs and they were made in a factory. I started making them for my kids when they were babies and wanted to make personal, custom designs for each baby. I started selling them in 2010 and would take custom orders for people. It kinda went crazy from there.

Do you think the unique focus of your products contributes to your store's success?

PurplePossum StickersDefinitely. Only one other person was selling monthly baby stickers on Etsy when I started. I built my clientele up just in time before 30+ others started to sell. Luckily, I have very loyal, wonderful customers. 🙂

Was Etsy the first platform you used to sell goods, or did you try other channels first?

I have only ever sold on Etsy.

How do you determine pricing for the goods you sell?

Cost and time designing.

How sensitive are your customers with regard to pricing?

I would say my customers are not very sensitive, as I offer stickers at a very low price.

Have you had a problem with people stealing your designs? If so, how have you attempted to resolve the issue?

I have had issues with stolen designs ever since the day other shops opened. I have had success with most by asking them not to do so, but there are the others that don't care and are just here for the money.

How do you balance the demanding process of producing products and managing an Etsy store with raising three children? Are there many Etsy shop owners who are also staying home with kids? Do they have any sort of support network?

I have a wonderful husband that goes to the post office at least 3-4 times a week, and I stay up to 2 am most nights lol. It's not easy, and I work more hours in a day than most people would ever want to. 🙂

What are your long-term ambitions with your shop?

I will continue to sell for as long as I can. I am looking to expand into t-shirts with a DTG printer very soon. 🙂