How to Become a Course Provider, Mentor, and Consultant on Gigaverse

While Gigagaverse’s vetting system is designed to make it easy for potential partners and employers to immediately identify whether or not you are "the real deal," our credentials are not a mark of expertise.

Expertise in a subject on Gigaverse is demonstrated by creating your own course. If being vetted is the equivalent of an undergrad degree, the independent research required to create your own course is the equivalent of earning a Gigaverse PhD.

By providing courses and services through Gigaverse, you can broaden your reach, gain new clients, and help others move closer to their professional goals.

Should you be interested in becoming a course provider, review the terms of our course provider agreement below, then send us an email. We would love the opportunity to work with you.

Requirements to Become a Mentor/Consultant on Gigaverse

Internet Literacy 101 / Digital Native credentialsVetting

  • So that we can present you as a figure of authority within the Gigaverse community, you must earn one advanced set of credentials in addition to basic Digital Native credentials
  • Credentials may be earned using either our free peer review system or our expedited vetting process
  • For more information on vetting requirements associated with various fields, visit our official credential pages and checklists

At least one course

  • To sell services as a mentor or consultant on Gigaverse, you must have created at least one original course under your own name
  • The purpose of this course is to promote your personal brand on Gigaverse and demonstrate your expertise (which will make your services more alluring)
  • The course must be comprised of at least three lessons
  • Lessons come in the format of pages that are created just like one would create a blog post using WordPress
  • While courses must only contain content that does not exist elsewhere online, you may use instructive materials you have published privately or offline
  • Quizzes (one for each lesson) and/or videos may be included, but are not mandatory
  • The course will be reviewed, and edits may be made, before it goes live on the site
  • We use WordPress to publish guides, lessons, and courses; once you have finished creating your course, you will save it as pending, which will indicate to Gigaverse staff that it is ready to be reviewed
  • We will make grammatical changes and fix typos and formatting immediately; should we think a change in a lesson’s content or tone be necessary, we will contact you directly rather than make changes ourselves
  • You can make minor changes (grammar fixes, one or two additional tips, one or two additional links) to a lesson at any time without our review; we ask that you send us an email about major changes (several new paragraphs or major changes to recommendations and content) to your lessons so that we might review and discuss them before they are implemented


  • You retain legal ownership and copyright of any work you publish on
  • So that we may promote and display your work, you grant us a worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, modify, adapt, and publish any content you post on
  • Should your work be displayed elsewhere, you will always be attributed
  • If you wish that your content be made unavailable in any format aside from internet postings (within your designated course), you may opt out of this clause by checking the box at the bottom of this document
  • We offer this option as, once an item is printed in promotional materials, Gigaverse may not be able to remove it from circulation even if your course is removed from the website
  • Your work will not be sold or displayed alongside ads on
  • If your work is featured in promotional material or covered by other outlets, it may be displayed alongside ads, however Gigaverse itself will not use ads as a source of revenue
  • We will gain approval from you before making any changes to the substance and style of your coursework (as opposed to small, technical changes including minor edits and fixes regarding typos, punctuation, and grammar)
  • You may remove your coursework from Gigaverse and cease to provide mentorship and/or consulting at any time and for any reason
  • While Gigaverse can ensure that your course will be taken down from the website, Gigaverse can not assure that it will be removed from external locations if you have opted to allow your material to appear off the website
  • In some situations, collaboratively-produced pieces may be kept on the website even if a contributor requests they be taken down
  • You may also remove specific courses that you have created at any time, however you must have at least one course on the site should you wish to sell mentorship or consulting services through Gigaverse

Revenue Terms for Mentors and Consultants on Gigaverse

Mentoring and Consulting

  • You will earn 100% of the profits (whatever a Gigaverse member pays, minus transaction fees) from any consulting or mentoring services you provide through Gigaverse
  • It is up to you to establish the rates you would like to have as a mentor or consultant to Gigaverse members


  • Courses will always be free
  • A founding principle of Gigaverse is that access to knowledge is a human right

Special Projects

  • Should you choose to work with Gigaverse on special projects, it is also up to you to establish the rates you will charge as a subcontractor
  • A company may contact Gigaverse directly when contracting out larger projects that require a wider range of expertise than one member could provide (such as a product launch or localization of a brand) or investors may contact Gigaverse to build an entire company. In these cases, we call upon individuals who have opted to be available for subcontracting.


  • Payment will be issued via PayPal; to accept payment via Gigaverse, you must have a PayPal account

Updates to Our Terms

Gigaverse may change the terms of this agreement in the future. Should this happen, you will be notified and can either accept the new terms or end participation in the agreement.