Online Presence Meets Gigaverse Standards

Digital Identity Meets Gigaverse Standards

Online professionals are expected to adhere to certain core standards. The sets of standards we present on Gigaverse are based on widely-accepted best practices and honor codes that span across online cultures and pursuits.

To qualify as having an online presence that meets Gigaverse standards:

How to Nominate Others for Adherence to Gigaverse Standards

  1. Make sure your profile is complete and has been submitted for review (and approved by) a Gigaverse admin
  2. Review the portfolio pieces and websites, and social media accounts of the member you wish to endorse to make sure that the work and behavior displayed across those digital properties meets our standards
  3. If the individual's work meets our standards, select his or her name in the drop down box below (you can type it in to find it more quickly), write "I, [Your Name], vouch for [Fellow Gigaverse Member's Name]'s adherence to Gigaverse's standards for sourcing, citation, verification, copyright, and ethical conduct" in the text box, and click the submit button

Keep in mind that your reputation is on the line when you submit nominations. Should admins reject more than three of your nominations due to inaccuracy, all future nominations may be ignored, which will prevent you from earning points toward your own credentials.