Grammar Proficiency

Grammar Proficiency

While the internet may not be famous for featuring polished prose, certain online professionals are expected to adhere to a higher standard. We therefore require Gigaverse members to be endorsed for grammar proficiency in order to earn certain credentials (such as those related to online business, authorship, freelance writing, and journalism). To prove their proficiency, members must be endorsed by at least two fellow members or one site admin.

We evaluate grammar proficiency by reviewing your bio, portfolio pieces, and external links. Should we find more than three glaring mistakes within your bio, portfolio pieces, websites, or social media profiles (namely, profiles’ bios and “about” sections), you will not qualify as having sufficient grammar skills for these credentials.

We welcome you to review the bios, portfolio pieces, social media profiles, and websites of your fellow Gigaverse members. Should you find a mistake, kindly send a heads up (most of us are glad to be notified of something that requires correction!).

How to Endorse a Gigaverse Member for Grammar Proficiency

  1. Make sure your profile is complete and has been submitted for review (and approved by) a Gigaverse admin
  2. Review the profile of the person you want to nominate
  3. Review the portfolio pieces of the person you want to nominate
  4. Review the external websites and social media profiles the person links to from his or her Gigaverse profile
  5. If you do not find more than three glaring grammatical mistakes, select the person's name in the drop down box below (you can type it in to find it more quickly), write "I have found now more than three major grammatical mistakes in the content presented through [name]'s profile." or some other statement explaining your endorsement, and click "submit"

Keep in mind that your reputation is on the line when you submit nominations. Should admins reject more than three of your nominations due to inaccuracy, all future nominations may be ignored, which will prevent you from earning points toward your own credentials.