Freelance Writing Skills

Freelance Writing

What Proves an Individual’s Freelance Writing Skills?

To earn Freelance Writer credentials, you must exhibit key competencies associated with the pursuit. On Gigaverse, you can prove your freelance writing skills by:

  • Responding to emails within 36 hours
  • Presenting at least three writing samples (as links or PDFs) and three references from previous clients in response to an email prompt
  • Demonstrating an ability to write in more than one tone and for more than one audience
  • Presenting at least one piece of search-friendly content in your Gigaverse portfolio

Writing samples and references must demonstrate previous client work. Mainstream digital publications, such as Forbes, The New York Times, or The Verge, may count as clients. Should you have yet to work for a formal client or contribute to a publication, references may be from recipients of volunteer work. References must come in the form of PDFs containing a short note and contact information or LinkedIn recommendations tied to active accounts.

You are expected to showcase portfolio pieces targeted at different audiences and using different tones to demonstrate your versatility and ability to adapt to clients’ needs. For more information on content that is considered to be search friendly, visit our guide and checklist.

Keep in mind that, to earn full Freelance Writer credentials, a Gigaverse member must also meet several other requirements, such as passing our Freelance Writing course and adhering to our standards regarding ethical conduct, copyright, sourcing, citation, and verification.

How to Endorse Freelance Writers

Only Gigaverse members with complete, admin-approved profiles may nominate others for endorsements. To qualify, complete your Gigaverse profile, then submit it for review. This requirement is designed to make it difficult to attempt to create dummy accounts.

To vet a fellow member:

  1. Make sure your profile is complete and has been submitted for review (and approved by) a Gigaverse admin
  2. Verify that he or she meets the review-based requirements above
  3. Kick off the email vetting process by sending an email asking for at least three writing samples (as links or PDFs) and three references from previous clients
  4. Wait for a response (a valid response must be received within 36 hours)
  5. Should you receive an adequate response, select the member’s name for nomination below, copy and paste the individual’s written email response (no attachments necessary) in the text box, state that you can attest that he or she meets the requirements associated with this endorsement, and “sign” your name

Many members can be emailed directly through the "contact" button on their Gigaverse profiles. Those who do not enable others to contact them via their Gigaverse profiles and are not easy to email through other publicly-displayed profiles online cannot be vetted.

Keep in mind that your reputation is on the line when you submit nominations. Should admins reject more than three of your nominations due to inaccuracy, all future nominations may be ignored, which will prevent you from earning points toward your own credentials.